Frequently Asked Questions

What Services Do You Provide ?

Assess your property each year between january 1st and May 31st to avoid a late assessment penalty of 10%

You may assess online Here or by phone at (870) 425-3453, or in person at our office located at 6 East 7th Street, Mountain Home, Arkansas. Online
assessing is available only if you have no new personal property to add. If you need to add a new item on your assessment you need to call or come in
the office. When you assess online you will have a copy emailed to you by the next business day. When assessing by phone we will either mail or email
you a copy for your records by the next business day.


  • Your assessment is based on 20% of the current market value established by the State of Arkansas, then multiplied by the millage rate of the school district that you live
  • Your current year assessment will not be billed to you until the following year.
  • Taxes are not pro-rated. You will pay on the personal property that you have listed as of May 31 each year. Please contact our office upon selling any
    personal property listed on your assessment.
  • Examples of items you need to assess include but not limited to: vehicles, boats, campers, motorcycles, jet skis, farm equipment, utility trailers, and
    airplanes, horses and cattle.
  • As of January 1, 1998 a Vehicle Identification Numbers on a newly licensed vehicle is required.
  • Any items listed on your assessment after May 31 will not receive a value until January of the following year.
  • Approximately 75% of your tax dollars go to the school systems. Your tax statement will show how much your taxes go to each taxing unit.

What Is Needed to License My Vehicle?

  • Current Assessment
  • Tax clearance for previous tax year
  • Title, bill of sales or renewal notice
  • Proof of Insurance

What Do I need To Know About Assessing Real Property ?

  • Unlike personal property, you do not have to assess your real property every year. Although, you do need to let our office know if you have a new addition to your property or new outbuilding, etc.
  • Each parcel of real property is reviewed every 5 years due to a state mandated reappraisal.
  • There is a 5% cap on residential property and a 10% cap of commercial property unless it is newly discovered property.

How Do I Apply For The Homestead Credit? And, Is There a Deadline?

If you own a home in Baxter County and it is your principal place of residence, under Amendment 79 you are eligible for a Homestead Credit for up to $350.00. If you are 65 or older or disabled according to Social Security Administration your assessment shall freeze with the exception of any new addition or out building, or major improvement.

Once a property transaction is filed with the Circuit Clerk’s office, we make changes in ownership of property and send a homestead form to the new property owner(s). You may call our office to check the status of your homestead credit. The deadline for filing for the homestead credit for the current taxable year is October 10th. Also, due to Act 1131, our office is required by the Assessment Coordination Department to verify all sales in the county. On the bottom of the Homestead form is a portion that also needs to be filled out to verify the sales. These sales verifications help assure that your home is appraised properly.

Do I Need To Contact The Assessor's Office If A Building Is Removed Or Destroyed By Fire?

Yes, because our appraisers may have already been in your area and will not return to that area until the next 5 year cycle of the State mandated re-appraisal. Once notified, we can send an appraiser back to your area to re-appraise your property.

How Often Is My Property Appraised?

If no changes to the property have occurred since the last re-appraisal cycle, your property will be appraised every 5 years according to our State mandated reappraisal.

Are My Assessment And Tax Records Available Online?

Yes they are. At our home page click on the links tab, then click on Baxter County Tax Records Online then Click Free Public & Personal Tax Records. Another way to get there is click on this link:

Can I Assess My Personal Property Anywhere In The State?

No. You must assess your personal property in the county which you claim as your primary residence.

At What Age Can I Assess On My Own?

Arkansas Statue states: Every person of full age and sound mind shall list the personal property he/she is the owner of, situated in the county of which he/she resides.

How Do I Purchase Tax Delinquent Properties?

All tax delinquent sales are serviced through the Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands who conducts public auctions once a year in which property is located. For more information see Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands’ website at this link You may also click on our links tab then select Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands.