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We at the Baxter County Assessor’s office are here to serve you the taxpayer

  • If you have any questions, please call us at (870) 425-3453.

What We Do

  • Appraisal and assessment of all personal, business personal property and real estate property in the county.
  • Maintain those appraisal and assessment records by staying abreast of all sales and deed transactions within the county making ownership changes as they occur.
  • GIS (Geographical Information System) mapping of the County, updating as property changes in ownership, mapping new subdivisions, keeping layers of school districts, fire districts, and municipalities.  

About Personal Property

  • Appraising and assessing all personal and business property must be done between January 1 and May 31. Assessment’s taken after May 31 will be charged a 10 percent late penalty.
  • All property in the state shall be assessed according to its market value except merchant’s inventory, which is assessed at its average value during the year immediately preceding the first of January.

About Real Estate

  • All Real Estate is valued as of January 1 with a 5 year reappraisal cycle.  New construction or newly discovered real estate values are updated yearly.
  • If a property owner has a dispute of the value of their property, the property owner may request a hearing with the Board of Equalization through the County Clerk’s office August 1.  
  • If you own a home in Baxter County, and it is your principal place of residence, under Amendment 79 you are eligible for a Homestead Credit for Up to $375.00. By Law only One Homestead is permitted nationwide. Penalties for duplicate homesteads are double the value received.

Important Dates

Assess your Personal and Business Personal Property Property between:
January 1st and May 31st.

Baxter County Assessor


Jayme C. Nicholson

[email protected]

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